The Frog is the ultimate integrative full body strength & conditioning device. The Frog combines lower-body and upper-body training while integrating the two through the core, which is constantly challenged by supporting the body positions required to use The Frog. This constant demand on the core is further combined with the demands of axial, lateral and torsional loading. 8 bespoke resistance bands allow a load of up to 260lbs (117KG.)

Combinations of mobility and stability, as well as isometric, concentric and eccentric movements throughout an exercise make for a world-class piece of strength and conditioning equipment. The design of The Frog allows for smooth production and absorption of force through the body without the jarring of heavyweights that are similar in nature. This makes The Frog and incredible rehabilitation tool. 

With the ability to remain static or travel using a high grade clutch system on each wheel the frog is fun but functional, it excels in large open spaces and group training environments encouraging effort through visual finish lines and friendly competition.