Built from the most durable materials, the limitless hack squat has been designed from the ground up for high-intensity leg sessions. A combination of heavy-duty framework and linear rail bearings allow endless repetitions at loads of which other machines couldn’t possibly carry. The Limitless Hack Squat will challenge even the strongest people, it's unique design will allow you to effectively build strength that will carry over into other sports and lifts in the gym. The adjustable footplate is wide enough to accommodate any persons preferred stance and target different muscles.


  • Unique linear bearing technology allows almost Limitless load capacity and unrivalled smoothness

  • Ultra tall design for all users

  • Super wide footplate with adjustable angle

  • 4 steel storage horns

  • 2 steel loading bars (900KG +)

  • 3 phase powder coat finish

  • LIMITLESS® branded stainless steel laser cut plates

  • Dimensions: 72" H x 67" W x 91" L

  • Warranty - 2 years moving parts + 10 years frame