One machine limitless possibilities. Back in 2016 we set out on a mission to create a machine that anyone could use regardless of their experience or ability, and that performed multifunctional movements well. The Free Trainer Pro was designed and developed alongside athletes from a variety of backgrounds, strength and conditioning coaches and physiotherapists.

Fast forward to today: we have a disability sports accreditation (IFI) and an almost endless list of exercises recorded. The uniqueness of this machine is that it can perform an extensive list of movements in an area where space is limited. It blurs the lines between free weights and resistance machines combining the best elements of both.


  • Capable of performing an extensive list of exercises covering every muscle group.

  • IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative) Accredited for disabled use.

  • Suits all training styles; functional, strength & conditioning, or cardiovascular focused workouts.

  • 3 tier impact structure for exercise selection and height adjustment.

  • Tri-Grip™ handle system.  The handles have been designed to increase ergonomics; revolving 360 degrees to alleviate stress on joints and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.

  • Easy to access and smooth, the two working arms have a 360 degree range of motion.

  • Capable of incorporating benches, battle ropes, resistance bands, stability balls and suspension training rigs.

  • Loading capacity of over 100kg per arm.

  • Small footprint of only 150cm Wide x 220cm Long.

  • Maximum working space for 1 person 170cm Wide x 250cm or 330cm Wide x 250cm for 2 persons.

  • Total weight: 337.5KG.

  • Warranty - 10 years frame + 2 years moving parts (additional maintenance and parts packages available.)

  • PATENTS: China Patent: ZL2017 2 1008921.8/UK Patent 6019121, 6019122, 6019123, 6019124, 6019125, 6019126, 6019127/USA Patent: US 29641421/Worldwide Patent: PCT/IB2018/056091

The two loading arms - utilised for the majority of the exercises are made from high grade steel and mounted to a 3mm steel frame. A unique bearing system allows a fluid movement which feels like a free weight.

A three-tiered impact structure made from 5mm steel can be locked into different positions for the intended exercise. Our Trip Grip system utilises 3 revolving handles to improve the ergonomics of every movement and reduce the risk of injury.

Exercises range from a conventional bicep curl to explosive cleans and presses. Every exercise can be performed with or without additional weight plates, and to increase it’s versatility further the Free Trainer Pro can be combined with resistance bands to add a different variaton of external loading.

Designed from the outset to be universally accessible, the Free Trainer Pro is the only plate loaded machine in history to receive the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) accreditation by the Activity Alliance. (formerly the English Federation of Disability Sport.) We are listed on the Activity Alliance website as a recognised supplier of IFI accredited equipment.

The Free Trainer Pro appeals not only to an elite level athlete but also the person who’s just started training, and everyone in between.

We offer two versions; a plate loaded version as pictured above which will hold up to 100kg per arm. Perfect for gyms where larger weights are lifted. Alternatively, we have the sliding mass version; The sliding mass can be adjusted up and down each arm adding up to 13KG of weight. This is an efficient and quick way to adjust the load without the need for additional weight plates. The sliding mass version lends itself towards interval/higher repetition lower rest time training. Both versions perform the same exercises but the training approach to each machine may differ.