Developed specifically for group training environments and spaces where floor space is paramount. The Free Trainer Studio is a versatile training station. It has multiple storage configurations to suit any space and folds away when not in use.

Tried and tested in multiple working group training environments, a 10-minute workout on the Free Trainer Studio is intense. Clocked on the MyZone system it smashes other workouts in the same time frame. As class based training grows exponentially worldwide, the Free Trainer Studio is a standout piece for studios allowing Limitless possibilities for new functional classes, catering for all levels.

“The Free Trainer Studio is a none intimidating platform for effective functional movements, a perfect stepping stone for new lifters that are hesitant to get under a bar.”


  • Adapts to different training styles; functional, strength or cardiovascular (HIIT) focused workouts.

  • The sliding mass weight system allows for effortless transition of load with no need for additional weight.

  • Configurations: Wall mounted, free standing, moveable with wheels and dual.

  • Starting weight of 4.5kg which can be increased to over 13kg with easy to see markings on the bars.

  • Tri-Grip™ system.  The ergonomic handles revolve 360 degrees reduces stress on joints.

  • Reduced risk of injury during exercise.

  • Easy to access with adjustable arms which have a 360 degree range of motion.

  • Capable of incorporating benches, battle ropes, resistance bands and stability balls.

  • Maximum working space for 1 person 170cm Wide or 330cm Wide for 2 persons.

  • 4mm steel frame, 2mm chromed steel arms.