The Limitless Curve Runner is not just a treadmill.  With no motor inside, the user creates the moving force. The Limitless Curve Runner adapts to the users pace; to increase the speed you must move quickly and it will decelerate when you slow down. It accommodates the natural rhythm of the individual and coupled with its ergonomic design it offers durability and safety.

The unique multi-resistance technology allows the user to experiment with different levels of resistance with ease. Simply by operating the lever on the right, you can quickly switch it up from a vigorous walk to an intense sprint, making it perfect for effective HIIT style workouts and much more.


  • Large LCD screen with 8 in built workouts (3 HIIT)

  • Built in wireless heart rate receiver (with programs to suit.)

  • Self powered (No electricity needed.)

  • 9 Gauge steel frame.

  • Adjustable feet for all surfaces.

  • 6 stage resistance.

  • 72 piece injection moulded running platform.

  • Micro precision bearing guided trajectory.

  • Easy - to - move handle at rear.

  • Dimensions 184 X 77 X 155 cm.

  • Weight 160KG.